DIABETES - Insulin Injection

Working with the Diabetes specialist team within Imperial College London, I have started to work on a set of digital animations that will help newly diagnosed Diabetes patients with all aspects of their illness, informing and putting them at ease.


Adverse Events - Site Infections

Working with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and top surgeons within the NHS, I was asked to turn their latest recommendations into a quick animation to be used in conferences to talk to healthcare professionals about ways to decrease surgical site infections.


Imperial Weight Center - New patient pathway

I was hired by Imperial College London, to envision, design, produce and direct an animation to introduce patients to the Imperial Weight Centre’s clinical processes and systems.

The use of a friendly character that guides patients through all the steps of their journey meant the final animation was friendly, factual and appeals to a wide audience, it has been well received within the world-class unit.

Design for healthier lives

This is an information video that was commissioned to support the bariatric surgery animations I had already created. This video has been developed with leading behavioural scientists at the LSE and aims to support patients in making healthier choices and in doing so help prevent them from more serious health issues in the future.

Client: NHS Imperial College London
Illustration, Animation & Direction