PUKU - Learn New Words

I have been working as lead artist with the awesome PRELOADED and the leading US dictionary Merriam Webster to create an educational game for 7-12 year olds.


The app challenges kids to understand the meaning of different words within the dictionary using definitions, spelling and use of similar meanings.


As well as the global game mechanic there is also an menu of choices of word lists created by the team and the ability to create your own wordlists.

App content loader

App content loader

Along side the design of main character, the UI and game mechanics I was also in charge of the motion used in app, creating guides for the developers to use to create the final product.

Here are some examples of the guides, showing how to add a new players name with our own unique typing engine.


In game guides, to show how to swipe between answers and select the correct answer, or the incorrect one and how to load content layers.


Responsibilities: Lead Artist